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Uploading right before the new year!

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2014: Last Man Uploading

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Epic gift for the new year from KAT!!
Not quite... Trige deleted his comment which was from 16 days before you :P

edit: It's 11:48pm in Perth. NZ is 5 hours ahead. Not one achiever? :O

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Don't worry if you didnt get this chevo...Just PM the Staff, esp Xenomorph101.61K and Xeno will personally make sure you get it! I spoke to him early...he said it was cool!!! sealed

Last edited by thePiratePimp, 1 year and 6 months ago

Iam one of 6,814''Last Man Uploading''!!!lol
Hapy new year to all!!!!!rockthump_up

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it made me wait for whole one year and finally i got it today

Last edited by iHungry, 6 months ago

Thanks KATrock Thanks for reviewing my complaint!!piratethump_up
Love you KAT...Thanks again!
got it at last ! lollol
Thanks to Thhaque I achieved this,and I will continue to share here on Kat,and look whats coming, here comes the beerspiratelollolrockrock
2014: Last Man Uploading LOL lol thump_up

Last edited by drejj_maggy, 1 year and 6 months ago

i didn't get this achi...
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