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Got fooled on KAT on Aprils Fools Day 2015.

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2015: Fooled

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NOT AGAIN !!!!!dizzy
You get me every year..rofl
Thank you KAT! Happy month!boo
Thank You KAT For This Achievement yes
Happy Fools Day For All chuckle

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And I just saw now that I received this achievement chuckle


Those who did not win, there is still time! wait yes
Just press the F13 key on your keyboard! nerd wink

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Where is the 2016 Fooled cheevo... crycrytitter
it's HERE
but it's not working yet...

tongueSh!t I remember when I got this last year. I thought I was being shut down and my door was going to kicked in any moment. Then the chevo appeared and I realized what
I'm waiting for my achievement...cry
I'm waiting for my achievement...
Who already got this cheevo are suggested to skip this day from next year, so,
you won't be fooled again....
But who is looking for it is the fool to be fooled lollolroflroflrofl
You are not a fool to miss it inlovewinklollollol

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belated thanksloveliness
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