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Landed on KAT on New Years Eve!

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2015: Santa Claus

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Op op maybe we will get it now lollollol

Edit: Yep we got it lollollol

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been online this whole holiday season and never got 1 achievment...maybe oneday:(

Happy New Year too everyone on KAT!!!!!!
Missing an Achievement?

See here:-do-you-think-you-are-missing-cheevo-place-post-them

Remember: Be honest as KAT Staff can & will check, cheats will be caught!shocked

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Still don't have it mad

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Ok to ask how I could receive 2015: New Year's Eve and yet not get 2015: Santa Claus ? They both appear to say exactly the same thing. They both say Landed on KAT on New Years Eve!

Last edited by Forestheart, 6 months ago

2015: New Year's Eve is for "Landed on KAT on New Years Eve!" going from 2015 to 2016

2015: Santa Claus is for "Landed on KAT on New Years Eve!"
going from 2014 to 2015.

I hope you understand it.

I log on religiously 2 or more times EVERY DAY.huffythumb_dwnfubarfingerboosadmad
Ripped Off Once Again
Thankz a lot for this missing achievement KAT The entire staff is amazing.
Yes, I got it :-)
Comment is deleted
Maybe Santa's the one who is delivering the achievement?

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