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Happy Torrents Day! For being online on this Special Day of the 30th March.

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2015: Torrents Day

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Happy Torrents Day to you all... makes me proud to watch how far this day has come over the years.. remember this is our day, nobody can tell us what we can or cannot believe in, we believe in freedom of sharing!! Let the world see and make so much noise in doing what we love and know best, let's push our bandwidth to its limits today!! Why???? BECAUSE WE ARE PIRATES!!

EDIT: thanks to torrentfreak for the good reading and the article also.. further reading here.

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Happy Torrents Day, let's PARTY!!! piratecool

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Here is 29, so, it's kinda weird, but cool!
Happy Torrents day all..clapclapclapthump_up

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Happy Torrents day !
I was not aware about this 30 March is Torrent Day...

A long time ago am downloading torrents but today here i got this news really so much happy to join this network.
Happy Torrents Day
I just found out I got this :D
thank you KAT <3
Happy for being a PIRATE lollollolcoolcoolcool
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